Discbot 2.0

Basically the machine is a slightly modified tile cutter.

But to be more precise it can be divided into the following parts:

The Sledge:
The horizontally moving part - propelled by a motor stripped from a HP Laser jet printer and built from parts form the local home depot. The function is to move discs for one place to another.

The Arm:
The vertically moving part - propelled by a motor form a late Bang & Olufsen tangential arm turntable and the spindle came from the same supplier. The purpose of the arm is to pick up discs which is done by suction cups vacuumed by a inverted acquire pump.

The Pin:
Again Bang & Olufsen contributed to the solution. The function of the pin is to place the CD in the center of the tray.

It also features a homebuild vacuum switch to signal when a disc is caught by the arm, and a laser diode to signal when the machine has run out of discs.

The machine is controlled from the printer port via interface logic built for this purpose by some guy who has come to the age where he barely can see anymore. No one has calculated the MTBF.

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