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This machine is one of the primary reasons why I started writing Disc-O-Matic.
It was build by my father after my conceptual idea and design.

26. oct. 2003 by Dacobi

I've created at new main window... In Glade :)

Actually I'm using a mixture of glade generated source code and C++ classes. It might not be the most elegant solution, but it works.
Check it out under the screenshots section.

21. oct. 2003 by Dacobi

Release 0.3

This release completes a total rewrite/restructuring of the GUI code.

17. oct. 2003 by Dacobi

Goodbye Glade!

I've started the process of moving the interface away from glade, so it will properly take me a while to figure out the gtk mess that glade has left me in.

13. oct. 2003 by Dacobi

Release 0.1

This release adds basic error checking in the burnprocess and setup routines.

11. oct. 2003 by Dacobi

Beta release 0.1

I've decided to call it Beta since it now compiles without having to manually edit the Makefile.

7. oct. 2003 by Dacobi

Initial release 0.1 alpha

This is the initial Release of Disc-O-Matic.
Disc-O-Matic is a GTK+ CD-ROM archiving tool for mastering and burning multiple CD-ROM. It's written in C/C++, using GLADE for its interface.

4. oct. 2003 by Dacobi

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